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Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Waste Friday - Sour Cream Gone Bad!

I hate throwing out food, it's money down the drain! I'm starting to participate in 'Food Waste Friday' - hosted by The Frugal Girl.

Last night I made soft tacos for dinner and went for my sour cream and it looked like this:

The thought actually went through my mind "hmm, I wonder if I can salvage some of this, not all of it has mold growing on it" - but I was worried that I would make us sick. Has anyone actually done what I was only thinking?


Rachel said...

I can't say that I have when it's quite that bad. I have when there was just a tiny bit on one side. I understand what you mean about money down the drain. I just found some cubed ham that had gotten hidden away in our fridge--probably when we had a bunch of wedding guests in our house. That really got me bummed out. But I tried a piece and it was horrible.
Usually when I'm not sure if I should salvage something, I ask myself if being sick is worth the cost of the item. Generally, I can't convince myself that it's not worth it.