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Sunday, May 31, 2009

22 Days and Counting!

OK, so I have 3 weeks and one day 'till my scheduled c-section on June 22nd.
I have had another trip to the hospital this weekend. Friday night around 8pm I started having pains but didn't want to rush to the hospital, due to the false alarm 2 weeks ago, so I thought to myself that I'd just go to bed and see how I felt in the morning. I had quite the rough night, and after I got up in the morning decided it would be a good idea to make sure that I wasn't trying to ignore something real. So we called my parents to come and pick up the kids and we headed to the OB.
They hooked me up to monitor the babies and what I thought were contractions. Although I was having contractions about once an hour, they didn't correspond with the lower uterine pain that I was feeling.
I was thankful that my Dr. was already on call at the hospital and he was there to talk with me the first hour I was there. He ordered an ultrasound and labs. It was quite interesting that the ultrasound showed that I had gallstones but that didn't explain the lower uterine pain I was having. The gallstones were just there in the gallbladder and weren't blocking the tube, so weren't the problem.
I'm just frustrated not knowing why I was in so much pain and can't figure it out. I am just thankful that I only have three weeks to go.
The Dr. has put me on 'Modified Bed rest' which means I don't have to stay in bed all day, but I have to severely limit my activity even more so than what I already have been doing. I just keep telling myself that it's almost over.
Poor Mike has been working quadruple time - going to work, still training for his ETT on some weekday evenings, helping me with all the household chores as best as he can and working on replacing the galvanized plumbing with pex pipes under the house this week.
Starting this Monday Mike is going to stay home an extra hour or two in the morning until my mom can make it over to help with the kids until nap time and then she'll go home after the kids go down and Mike is usually home from work before the kids wake up from their nap.
Thank you all for your continued prayers!
I will keep you all updated as best I can!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

31 Days and Counting!

Ok, so I'm looking like I'm about to pop, but I still have a month to go before my scheduled c-section on June 22nd at 8am. At my Dr's appointment on Monday I was told that if I make it to my scheduled date that the twins will be 7 lbs or more. Boy, I already feel like they're bigger than that!

Many of you know that this last Saturday I thought I might be having contractions so I had Mike take me to the hospital and Mike's sister, Amber, came and picked up the boys for an overnight stay. When we got to the hospital they hooked me up to a monitor for a stress test, to monitor contractions, if any, and babies' hearts. Plus, the Dr. on call came in and checked my cervix and tested me to see if I was in danger for pre-term labor. All things checked out good and I am not a candidate (according to the 'test') for pre-term labor. Yippee! It was my muscles stretching - and it was very painful, something I hadn't felt with Michael Jr. or Connor, but I'm way bigger this pregnancy than I ever was with the other boys.

I'm just very thankful that I have had a GREAT pregnancy so far, and it's only now that I'm starting to feel tired and beat-up on the inside, not to mention, with my belly being SOOOOO BIG, that I am having difficulty standing and walking for more than short periods of time. Now when I go shopping I have to use the electric carts, but it's been pretty nice that it's an option, because now I feel like I can get out of the house and not be cooped up.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers. I really would like to make it another 4 weeks to deliver these precious little ones at 38 weeks. But the Dr. feels comfortable doing a c-section at 36 weeks if we have to, they'll just have to check the twin's lungs for maturity before putting me on the operating table.

Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photos These Past Few Days

Michael Jr. Totally Wiped Out on a Saturday Afternoon! (and still sleeping on the couch as I'm typing this!)

Connor on his last moments before going to take a nap today.

Mike working on putting together our picnic table yesterday after he got off work. There was some mold on the wood that he had to sand off, so that's why he's got his sander.

Michael Jr.

Connor playing on the porch - good thing Mike decided to space the 2x2's so Connor can't squeeze thru, because he's trying his best.

Reading a book on the couch - Connor is sooooooo into reading, he starts getting really upset if he brings me a book and I can't read it to him that very moment!

Eating morning snack outside!