Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mike's September Hunting Trip

Due to the fall blustery weather, Mike and his hunting party had a tough time getting out of town and getting back to town.  They were scheduled to leave on Friday, but didn't make it out 'till Saturday and then were scheduled to return Tuesday and didn't make it home until Wednesday.  It sure was nice to see him back home.  The kids were very excited to see him go when we dropped him off at Ward Air, getting to see the airplanes in the hangar and all the gear the guys hauled in.  It was a lot of excitement, both Michael Jr. and Connor are already talking about when they get to join daddy on a hunting trip.  Mike has promised Jr. to go shooting soon, starting with a .22 rifle this Sunday at the gun range!

Mike had talked with Jr. about how we had to cut the meat off the bones and process the meat.  We ended up working on the meat while the boys were at my parent's to spend the night.  The next day Jr. was VERY UPSET because he did not get to help daddy and mommy cut the meat off the bones! 

With Mike only shooting one deer, we only ended up with 11 packages of meat for the freezer and we had enough scraps to fill 2 Quart Zip Lock baggies so we can do a little canning, I think we'll end up with 6 - 8 jars of canned venison, unless we also include the one package of meat from last year we haven't used from the freezer, then we may get 10 jars.  We'll see!