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Friday, March 27, 2009

God's Timing is Perfect

We have been on RuralCap's list for some time now. It's a local division of Alaska Housing to assist with home energy such as putting in new insulation, windows, doors, furnace, fans, etc. to make homes more energy efficient.

We had been on their list for about 6 months now and were scheduled for a in-home review today at 10am.

However, this morning about 8am I noticed I didn't have any hot water, and that the timer that is connected to our hot water heater wasn't working. Then I started smelling an electrical burning smell back in our bedroom - our hot water tank is accessed thru the exterior of our trailer but just next to our closet. I immediately turned off our electricity and called Mike to come home and investigate. When he came home he found that the water heater was leaking all over the electrical it was hooked up to.

Then we called RuralCap who where going to be here anyway at 10am. They came out a little earlier because of our situation to do their evaluation and see the water heater. They were able to arrange for us a new water heater and professional installation thru Jack's Plumbing and Heating.

Isn't it just amazing how God works in mysterious ways? HIS TIMING IS ALWAYS PERFECT.

So, more information on RuralCap's Weatherization Program for all of you who may be interested in applying. There are two programs - one that those who can have an energy star rating done before a project, spend money and do the project and then have another energy star rating done and get a reimbursement for up to a certain amount. The other program - which we are doing - is based on income and household size. They do all the work for you and there's no out of pocket expenses for the home owner.
In our particular situation today we learned that we are getting all new vapor barrier and insulation under the trailer, new skirting, drainage, plus having our forced-air furnace tuned up and possibly replaced if it doesn't meet specifications, the air ducts leaks fixed, the entry way insulated, new sheet rock in the hallway ceiling, new vent in the bathroom and kitchen, new fire alarms and Carbon Dioxide Monitor and last but not least, our water heater!

If you're interested in the weatherization program check it out at:


Phelps family said...

That is great news. It's also encouraging to hear you give the praise to God. Thanks for your perspective. It makes me realize how He works constantly in our lives.
We're also up for our appointment with rural cap next week. I hope we don't have a big issue like that to deal with. But either way, God will be in control just as He is with your family and home.

Olivia1977 said...

It's these little and big things that remind me everyday that God is in control. This is just one example of His amazing power.