Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Connor Potty Training

Well, tomorrow Connor will be 18 months. He has surprised me in many ways, but today, he wanted to sit on the toilet like his big brother. Hope this is a good sign of easy potty training to come!


Bethany and Andrew Vaughn said...

Mattie did the same thing that same day. Isn't that wierd.Kids are smarter these days or something. Hope your kiddos are feeling better. Have you checked tiffany Murrays old house? It is about to forclose so you should check it out and just make your offer on it if you like it. It could be a 4 bedroom you know and it has a lot of character with a yard and good neighborhood. Walking distance to the park/school/stores/gym/new swimmingpool? Could work out you know. I bet they would take 250 which would even give it equity right away.
I hope everything works out. You are such a sweet person. Check out my blog and leave a comment on my give away. It is a good one!

Olivia1977 said...

It's so funny, Connor has just been very adimant about sitting on the toilet several times a day, and really doesn't like the little potty I have.

Kids are feeling better, but I'm starting to come down with it! Ugh. I will check out your blog tonight. I have looked at their house on the internet, and have been there once for your baby shower way back when. My # one requirement for a new home is that the kitchen/dining/living areas are not separated by walls, so I can keep an eye on the kids much easier.