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Monday, February 16, 2009

Boys will be Boys - Toilet Plugging Adventures of Michael Jr.

OK, so I actually thought to myself, this will never happen to me, my boys haven't put anything down the toilet except for toilet paper, I'm not worried.

Well, maybe Jr. just wasn't at the right stage, he is after all, going to turn 3 years on the 23rd, so maybe this happens during the terrible 3's?

Last night Jr. had got up and went to the bathroom and Mike and I didn't hear him. When Mike did go into the bathroom to use it, it found a book in the toilet. Then we couldn't find the toilet paper holder. Well, you've guessed it! That's what we think is in the toilet. Mike got out the snake and a special toilet unclogging tool and worked and worked on it for hours this morning. Finally we were able to flush, just with water, so that's good. But still can't flush anything else, including toilet paper. So, as I'm typing this, Mike is in there draining the toilet, taking it out and going to put his hands up it / or maybe it's down it? To try to pull this toilet paper holder out.

I will take pictures and post soon.


Phelps family said...

Yuck! What a way for Mike to spend a day off. And you guys only have one toilet, right?
Now you've got me worried about my kids and the toilet. We always keep the bathroom door closed to keep Isaac out. But maybe the danger won't be over when he's old enough to open the door for himself like Michael.