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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nap Time under The Laundry Basket

It has been rather difficult lately to get Michael Jr. to go down for a nap. However, today wasn't too bad. We had to go to Fred Meyer's and do some banking at the bank and shopping for just a handful of items. Both kids looked like they would go down without a fight after our ride home. I brought Michael in first then Connor. Connor was asleep and all bundled up in his fleece snow suit and I knew I had to change his diaper before I put him down, risking waking him up, but I did it anyway and he was out and stayed out. Michael Jr. on the other hand still had a bit of energy to burn so I sat down and paid some bills and balanced the checkbook while he mellowed out. It finally came down to a little melt-down with him standing on a chair at the dinner table yelling that he wanted something, now that I can't remember the specifics. So that resulted in a time out and some sobbing. I did manage to get him into his bed, just praying that he'd fall asleep. Sometime later, it was still quiet and our dog, Bella, needed to go outside (our back door is across from the kid's room and is noisy, so I really try to avoid putting her out when they're down for a nap or just going down) and as I was going to put her outside I looked into the kid's room and didn't see Michael anywhere. I looked under the blankets, under the bed, in the bathroom, in our bedroom, the living room, and then went back to the kid's bedroom. Well, to give a little background info here... Michael has this thing with playing with the laundry baskets and apparently today before he fell asleep he was playing with his underwear and socks that I put in a laundry basket under his bed. All of his underwear and socks were on the floor and he was inside the laundry basket with it upside down curled up in a little ball clutching several pairs of his favorite underwear. He had fallen asleep while he was playing under the laundry basket. I would have taken a picture but didn't want to wake up the kids.


Bethany and Andrew Vaughn said...

Wow. The things we go through for a little "peace and quite" and as a mother. I feel the same way sometimes about nap time.