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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Thanksgiving Pictures

These first two pictures are probably the most precious pictures that we got during our time with Mike's parents. Connor was at first very hesitant and reluctant to go to Oompa. In fact, when we went in to say good night or go chat with him and I was holding Connor in my arms, as soon as we got within arms reach Connor just stiffened up as if to hold on for dear life and wasn't too sure about Oompa holding him. Well, after a few days, Connor decided that he'd walk right up to Oompa and wanted to sit with him. It was so touching when we saw Connor finally warm up to Oompa - and had to take some pictures!

Michael looking goofy.

Connor on the deck at Mike's parents' home.


Connor with a big smile at meal time.

Mike parents own race horses and go to their trainer's who lives just down the way from them and help out with those o-so-fun horse duties.
Anyway, a big highlight of visiting Grammie and Oompa are going to visit the horses and feed them carrots. Here are quite a few pictures of the kids feeding the horses.