Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing in The Rain

Here's pictures of the kids playing in the rain this afternoon. It really tuckered out Connor. He's already down for his nap. He started falling asleep in his highchair when we came in and I was fixing a snack for the kids. I've got Michael playing in his room right now and taking some time for myself on the laptop to check messages, do some posting and watching my Planet Green.

Connor was having oodles of fun with all the rocks in the yard. It was definately a challenge to keep the rocks out of his mouth.

One of Michael's favorite things to do is play baseball. He was goofing around and put his basket ball on the Tee.

Connor tuckered out!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mommy, Jr. & Connor

Here's a picture of me and the kids before we ran out of the house to do errands. Today we finally got to the store to get some pictures developed to send out to our 'grandmas' - Grandma Angie (Lives in Juneau, but in Seattle for medical issues), Grandma Carolyn (Lives in Lebanon, Oregon) and Grandma Rosalind (Lives in Houghton Lake, Michigan). All went smooth at the store, now I've got everything in envelopes and now I just have to get everything in the mail - which can be a challenge sometimes.

Oh, I hear Jr. waking from a nap and Connor just bit my leg. I'd better get going.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Connor Blue Eyes

Connor is really getting around. Last night we were at my parents and we got out the cloth tunnel and Connor zipped back and forth from end to end.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Fire Fighter In Training

Yes, as you can see from the posting time, it's midnight, yes, midnight. As I type this Mike is taking a shower. He just returned from a training that included carrying a loaded hose up three flights of stairs with all his gear on. And tonight he was able to bring home his training gear. He is stoked!

For the last few months Mike's been spending his Thursday nights attending classes and trainings to become a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

More on this later, as you can see, it's a bit late, and I've been waiting up for my hubby and I am ready for bed!

Orsborn Slideshow

Pillows and Endless Fun

Here's a picture of Michael Jr. and the pillows from the couch. Several times a day Michael throws all of the pillows from the couch onto the living room floor and jumps into them. Then Connor likes to get in the action and I'm constantly telling Jr. to watch out for Connor.

Connor Looking Sad

This picture of Connor was taken last night after we had told him he couldn't touch the lamp. I was a little late in taking the picture, as this wasn't the 'shocked' look that he had given just a moment before I could reach for the camera.

A Mother's Exercise Routine

Well, maybe I'm just fortunate, or maybe I'm just running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. For some time now people have been asking how I've been losing weight. Well, all I have to say is spend some time watching my kids and cleaning my house for 24 hours and you've got your answer.

My daily exercise routine includes the following:

2-3 loads of laundry (collecting, placing into washer then dryer, folding and hanging)
1-2 loads of dishes (collecting, placing into dish washer then put away)
6 x day on knees wiping up kitchen floor after meals and snacks
6 x day assisting of pick up couch pillows, Lego's, cars, trucks, books, etc.
10 x day taking Jr. to the bathroom for potty training
6-8 x day picking up (all 22 lbs of) Connor and changing his diaper
5 x day making meals and snacks and cleaning up after
2-4 x day rocking and nursing Connor
2-4 x day putting the dog out
1 x day vacuuming (ugh, the dog hair!)

and what ever else may happen - such as running to the bathroom because I hear two kids giggling and splashing only to discover Michael Jr. and Connor playing in the toilet with the scrubber and plunger!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garage Sale Finds & Other Pictures

Here's some pictures of Saturday's garage sale finds. Michael Jr & Connor are having loads of fun with their table, chairs and trucks.
Connor is really starting to stand on his own for several moments - maybe he'll be taking his first steps by his 1st birthday?
Lastly, I've included a picture of Connor in his 'Kushies' cloth diaper.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy! & The Bathroom at Costco

Wow! This weekend flew by. We picked up a 4-Wheeler, Table and Chairs, and lots of trucks! See pictures above.

The start of this week is going just as fast.

For a friend I'm watching a one-month old baby. Having three little ones in the house keeps me on my toes! It's either potty time for Jr. or diaper changing time for Connor or the baby. Then the bottle-feedings for Connor and baby and snacks and meals. I am definitely NOT ready for a third baby until Jr. and Connor are a few months older and more self-sufficient and can listen to (and do) what I ask.

Today I had to go to Costco - to pick up diapers for the baby because we ran out! It went really well - baby in the basket and Jr. & Connor in the seats. Costco is the only place with a cart big enough to fit three kids. My only problem with Costco is that their bathroom is very family un-friendly. It's down a hall that you can barely get a cart into. As I was manoeuvring the cart down the hall and into the bathroom an employee was leaving a stall and said to me as I was entering the bathroom, "you can't bring that cart in here," to which I responded, "Costco needs to make a family friendly bathroom, I HAVE to bring this cart in here, my oldest is potty training and I'm not going to leave my 11 month old and one month old baby next to a check stand" and I continued to the back of the bathroom to the handicap stall.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good Morning!

About 6:30AM I thought I heard Michael Jr. in the kitchen. I got up to see what he was doing. He must have been up for some time. He had managed to pull a multitude of DVDs out of their cases with the remotes laying in front of the TV, all of his trucks were out lined up in the kitchen and he was snacking on some dry cereal. He managed a big smile and asked 'milk mommy?.'

It's now 8:15 or there abouts and the whole family is going to venture out into the wet, windy weather and see if any nut is having a garage sale.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smooth Day at the Orsborns

Compared to yesterday's 5:30 AM wake up call from Tracfone - today was much better.

Yes, I said a 5:30 AM wake up call from Tracfone - to which I immediately replied: "Do you know what time it is? It's 5:30 Alaska Time!" they immediately hung up. I could write a book on that chapter. A lot of wasted time and money trying to use those blasted phones. I'll get to that on another post.

Today was relatively stress-less unless you count Wingo (from the Movie 'Cars') taking a bath in Michael Jr's yogurt.

I was also blessed with finding a long-lost sippy cup and bottle in Michael Jr's church backpack. That was an oh-so-pleasant discovery when I rinsed them out to put in the dishwasher. Sometimes I'll find them in the closet or toy bin a week or two later. I occasionally consider tossing them when they've fermented so badly it looks like cream cheese. But my frugal side holds my breath.

This afternoon I returned the jogger stroller which I had previously thought I couldn't live without.

Returning The Jogger Stroller

OK, I feel very silly. But at the same time, I feel like there is no reason for a jogger stroller to be so inconvenient. I admit, I didn't do my homework like I should have and checked reviews for the In Step Double-Jogger by Schwinn. However, at the same time, I can't believe people are buying these things. They're heavy, difficult to turn (had fixed wheels), difficult to fold up - not to mention, they almost take up as much space folded up. Ugh. At least I was given a full refund - they're in hot demand, so another sucker will buy it soon.

I prefer my bike trailer - it's nice and light and has a wheel attachment, and moves at the touch of a finger, I don't know why I 'had' to buy a jogger. What was I thinking? Did I really think the jogger was going to improve my life that much more?

Anyway, lesson learned!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too much in one day!

Today I tried to do too much in one day!

And to top it all off, I'm starting my blog tonight. Typical me. Trying to shove as much as possible into my 24 hour day.

It started out the night before with my list for the next day: Shopping - applesauce, lactose free milk (for Connor), bread; Recycling; Duck Pond; check out Sewing Machine at Walmart; call WIC; 2nd call to set up Energy Assessment (Alaska Housing Finance Corp. Energy Rebate Program); Clean-Clean-Clean; pick up stroller from Mom's and drop off at consignment shop; stop by Play-It-Again Sports to see if they have the double-jogger-stroller in stock yet.

Surprisingly I accomplished all but my Energy Assessment call.

Picking Up the Stroller:

OK, I know that I shouldn't leave kids in the car, but today wasn't a hot day AND I left all the windows down in the car AND I parked right in front of Play-It-Again Sports. Well, I ran inside to pick up the jogger-stroller, paid for it, and of course, it wasn't assembled, so the associate said he'd assemble it for me. I went back out to the car and Connor was crying like made, had the sniffles going and all. I got him out of the car and whoosh - projectile vomit right on the pavement outside the entrance of the store! Now, I'm thinking it wasn't anything he ate - but rather he got himself worked up. Anyway, long day for the kids, and even longer - because I didn't know the stroller had to be assembled we went to Home Depot to kill time.

Home Depot:

By this time I felt like I was a walking zombie, but I wanted my jogger-stroller today and not tomorrow, so I forced an extra 30 minutes of aimless walking. In our journey around Home Depot I found a booklet on Play Sets for a good read later tonight and a slide lock to keep Jr. from opening up our back door screen door and going out into Bella's (our dog) Yard and playing in poo.

Picking Up Jogger-Stroller and on the way home (sort of):

Finally - got it! By this time I was exhausted and had already promised Jr. a Happy Meal, so we were on our way to McDonald's! I had also promised that we'd go to the duck pond once we acquired the jogger-stroller, so off to the duck pond after McDonald's - and finally home afterwards!

Home (and getting the kids to bed so I could collapse on the couch):

Getting the kids out of the Explorer and into the house takes time. I got Jr. out first, he decided to take off his Kroc's and run around in the drive way while I was getting Connor out. I also needed to get stuff out of the car. Ugh. Finally got inside the house. Had to take Advil and vitamins immediately. Jr. is in the middle of potty training - so to the bathroom we go. I wanted to get the kids in the bath immediately, but my head was throbbing and spinning, so I had to sit down and let the kids play for a bit. 15 minutes later and I had the kids' clothes off and they were in the bath. Not only is one inch of water in the bath a good safety precaution, but also a wise idea if you don't want the rest of your bathroom covered in water. Kids were down by 7:00! Time to veg out and check email AND start a blog :)

OK, I think that's enough for tonight.