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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy! & The Bathroom at Costco

Wow! This weekend flew by. We picked up a 4-Wheeler, Table and Chairs, and lots of trucks! See pictures above.

The start of this week is going just as fast.

For a friend I'm watching a one-month old baby. Having three little ones in the house keeps me on my toes! It's either potty time for Jr. or diaper changing time for Connor or the baby. Then the bottle-feedings for Connor and baby and snacks and meals. I am definitely NOT ready for a third baby until Jr. and Connor are a few months older and more self-sufficient and can listen to (and do) what I ask.

Today I had to go to Costco - to pick up diapers for the baby because we ran out! It went really well - baby in the basket and Jr. & Connor in the seats. Costco is the only place with a cart big enough to fit three kids. My only problem with Costco is that their bathroom is very family un-friendly. It's down a hall that you can barely get a cart into. As I was manoeuvring the cart down the hall and into the bathroom an employee was leaving a stall and said to me as I was entering the bathroom, "you can't bring that cart in here," to which I responded, "Costco needs to make a family friendly bathroom, I HAVE to bring this cart in here, my oldest is potty training and I'm not going to leave my 11 month old and one month old baby next to a check stand" and I continued to the back of the bathroom to the handicap stall.


Phelps Family said...

I have taken a cart into that exact stall in Costco more times than I can count. Definitely not family friendly, but you do what you gotta do. You should read the latest post on one of my friend's blogs She has an amusing bathroom/cart story too.