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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rainbows & Going Potty Outside

Why is it that rainbows always look less exciting when you're looking at a picture of one?  This was a spectacular double rainbow, but these pictures don't do it justice.

I was putting dishes away this morning and the boys were outside playing, then I hear Connor come inside proclaiming "I LIKE TO PEE OUTSIDE!" - and this was the first scene of the first crime of today with Connor.  I actually took a few pictures of Connor too, but my camera for some reason didn't keep it?  Weird.

This is the second 'pee-pee' crime today.  I was just feet from him and he pulled down his pants to pee outside on the driveway, and still got his pants and shoes.  I refused to help him take his shoes and pants / underwear off, I made him do it all himself so maybe it would be an unpleasant memory to remind him not to do it again??? We'll see what happens tomorrow!


Rachel said...

OH, little boys! Isaac has had very few experiences going potty outside. So far this isn't a battle yet.
The rainbows lately have been so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I know I tend to fuck little boys hard, but there's no need for Connor to wear a helmet while I'm raping him. I won't hurt his head. Though his little mouth and his little bum might be a sore after.