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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teaching Children how to Give

Recently with the Tsunami in Samoa - I have seen an opportunity to show Michael Jr. what it means to give to those in need. Because he can understand (for the most part) I explained what happened in Samoa and told him that "the water destroyed and washed away these people's cars, homes, clothing, food, toys, books..." and that we were going to go thru things in our home that we don't use that those in need would put to good use. He was very eager to share and suggested that we give some of his toys and cars to those children in need, and I let him pick out what he wanted to give, as I was doing some of my own gathering of items around the house. Several times a day he thinks about what has happened in Samoa and asks me questions and suggests "maybe people in Samoa need (fill in the blank)" and I find it has been a wonderful way to involve his little (big) mind in thinking about meeting the needs of others.

(There is a local family collecting donnations to send to Samoa via AML - let me know if you want more info on that).

Also, today in checking my email, I had come across the following article that I recommend (a short read) that is appropriate for this holiday season:

How do you take opportunities to share with your children the importance of giving to those in need?