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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Love My Husband Because...

There's just not enough words to say how wonderful my husband is, and how great he is with the kids, so I decided to start a list. Mostly, because I don't say 'thank you' enough, I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to the many reasons why I love him...

  1. He never complains about my cooking.
  2. He changes all kinds of diapers.
  3. He helps with potty training Connor.
  4. He scoots over and gives up precious bed space for me and two infants.
  5. He gets up in the middle of the night to help when any of the kids wake up.
  6. He is so quiet when he gets ready for work in the morning, I often don't know that he's gone.
  7. He gives the kids a bath and story before putting them down for bed.
  8. He plays with the kids outside after he gets home from a long day at work to give me a break.
  9. He takes the kids to the park to give me some quiet time so I can get things done around the house.
  10. He works a 2nd P/T job and does his Fire Fighter training on nights and weekends and still finds time to spend with the kids and me.
  11. He'll take his lunch time to play with the kids at the park.
  12. He'll watch all 4 kids to let me run to the grocery store alone :)
  13. He'll load and unload the dishwasher for me when he sees that I'm too tired to do it myself.
  14. He'll help me fold the large pile of laundry sitting on the bed so we can go to bed...

What are the many reasons why you love your husband?


Phelps family said...

Wow, what a guy!

There's lots that I appreciate about my husband. I should make a list too. One thing that I appreciate is how he jumps in a puts the kids to bed (when he's not at work), often without me asking. That really lightens my load, so to speak.

Lela Paden said...

I have been thinking about your post the past couple of days and for now I think one of the reasons I love my husband is because we are both feeling overwhelmed with having 6 children and we are sick and he is still helping me out. Even been sleeping out in the living room with Matthias so I can sleep in the bed and tend to Orion when he wakes up. There are many other reasons why I love my husband. thinking of doing a post myself. We are all blessed because of the men we married. God sure new who we needed. Continue your walk with God together.