Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Friday, April 3, 2009

Full Circle Farm

Today I picked up my box of organic produce from a Full Circle Farm pick up location here in Juneau. I have to say that since I've signed up I've been in great anticipation of recieving my 'goodies.' You can sign up for once a week, twice a month or monthly deliveries and the size of the box can be small, medium or large. The first box I got $15 off (code: SPRING), so I signed up for twice a month delivery and tried the large box and this is what I was scheduled to recieve:

1 each Celery
1 bunch Green Onions
2.5 pounds Garnet Yams
1 pound Snap Peas
1 each Cucumbers
2 pints Strawberries
1 bunch Bunched Carrots
8 each D'anjou Pears
4 each Zucchini
8 each Cameo Apples
1 pint Red Cherry Tomatoes
6 each Blood Oranges
0.8 pound Salad Mix (Cut Greens)

**They actually gave me an extra pear and orange.

Michael Jr and Connor were so excited when we put the box on the table and opened it up to see what was all inside. They wanted to touch each item and Michael went for the strawberries and I gave Connor a snap pea and he loved it (he also grabbed a strawberry)!

I can't wait to try everything!

You can permanently exclude three items from your list. Each box you get to review your items and you can make up to five substitutions.

They are located in Carnation, Washington. I encourage you to check them out at: