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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BPA Free Sippy Cups and Bottles

The picture above is the sampler package I chose from The 'safe sippy' is really cool but leaks a lot if held upside down. They came very quickly in the mail and my favorite sippy cup so far is the 'fogo.'
BPA is nasty stuff. I'm trying to purchase as much of my food without plastics (fresh or in glass or paper). We also do not store our food in plastic containers anymore. It's a shame what we're doing to ourselves by using plastic - and so much of the general population is totally unaware. Here's a link to a great breakdown of BPA free options and additional information about 'What Is BPA?'

I purchased a sample package of BPA free sippy cups from:

Also check out for safe guides on dishes, utensils, bottles, sippy cups, etc. Also has great information on BPA.