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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alternative Energy - Pickens Plan

It's time the U.S. looks into more natural, reliable and less volatile power resources. Pickens has a lot of good ideas. Please check out this web site: and see for yourself what alternatives are available!


Tarale Seena said...

I was recently driving to and from the few great canyons around Utah, Arizona and Nevada. I must have driven at least 2000 miles and over 60% of the area I covered were barren boondocks, with not a single soul in sight, hilly, windy, and sunny at that time of the year. I just wondered, if only somebody had planted a few thousands of those wind turbines all along, US would never have to go for a drop of oil from foreign sources.

But then, you do realize that with 50-60% of the drillable land that has been leased to oil companies have not been used, they are shutting down refineries on one pretext or the other, because they love the status quo, they love the higher gas prices the way they are. Dont you be fooled by the drop in oil prices, it's election time.