Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Monday, July 5, 2010

Berry Picking Today

Well, today we went berry picking, after we did our errands and the twins had fallen asleep in the car - we found an awesome berry picking spot (or spots) in the area of the local University grounds.  Bushes are everywhere.  Mike and I lost track of time, but think we picked about 2 hours with the boys.  We think we got about 3 lbs of Salmon Berries and 2 lbs of Blue Berries.  I thought these pictures looked best with leaves :).  Next time we go picking I'll try to remember my camera!  Connor was so cute and loved eating as he was picking - Me: "put some berries in the bag" Connor: "no mama, I want to put them in my mouth, see..." I'm hoping to really pick a good lot of them this year so we have enough for all of my berry cooking / canning dreams.  Hahahahaha.  LOL.


Janet said...

Looks great. The berries are great this year. Kevin and I went camping out at Eagle Beach and picked strawberries. YUM
I ready for the blueberries but I'm hoping they get a little bigger. We need a couple more days of sun.
Enjoy your berries!

Rachel said...

Carly spent most of the day yesterday picking blueberries--just on the edge of our property. She was so proud of herself. And this morning, we had blueberry muffins! She's planning to pick more today. And I totally hear you on "canning dreams". I've got some of those too :)

Bill and Amanda said...