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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food, Inc. & Natural, Organic or Non-GMO?

Well, I don't have a huge amount of time to touch on this subject tonight, but I really wanted to post something on this subject briefly so I could also get the word out that Food, Inc. is going to be on PBS this Wednesday night and I want to encourage everyone to watch it.  It shows for Juneau's local listing, it is on from 9.00 - 11.00 PM (Channel 10 if you've got Cable).

I am super excited to watch this film, I suppose, to enlighten myself more about food and how it gets to my table.

For a while now I have been on an Organic and All Natural kick, trying to buy organic when I can and if not, purchase all natural.  But now that I have been doing some of my own investigating on Genetically Modified Foods, I am just about completely switching to an All Organic way of life.  Of course, you can't completely avoid some foods, say, such as when you go to the Church Pot Luck and such, but to be aware of what you are putting into your body (It Is Christ's Temple - Now Isn't It?) and make the best choice possible.

Even the U.S. Government states that 53% of US Crops are Genetically Modified.  I personally think that we're just all guinea pigs for what they are calling the Human Genome Project.

It's very scary to know that we don't know that we are eating Genetically Modified foods because the U.S. Government doesn't require labeling!

I encourage you to read the following sites and make up your own minds:

First, I encourage you to read the following article from No Greater Joy's website: Science Fiction Horror Story, it specifically gives great scripture on why Genetic Modification is defiling God's Creation.  I am not only looking at the health benefits of avoiding GMO's, but by faith I should also be avoiding GMO's. 

Check out the 'Non-GMO Project' they are a great source for find what foods / companies pledge to be GMO-free and what to avoid when you're looking at labels.  Lots of great articles to read as well. 

At Non-GMO Shopping they give 4 tips on how to avoid GMO's:

1) Buy Organic - organic producers are not allowed to use GMOs
2) Look for "Non-GMO" Labels
3) Avoid At-Risk Ingredients including: Corn, Soybeans, Canola,Cottonseed
4) Buy Products listed in their Shopping Guide

Greenpeace also has articles on Sustainable Agriculture and Genetic Engineering.

Even the World Health Organization has information.

Whatever you do - at least give yourself at least 5 minutes to look up some information on GMO's.  I guarantee you won't look at food the same way after you read up on the subject.  I also hope that you have some time to view Food, Inc. on Wednesday, or at least watch it online for free or rent the video.