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Saturday, February 13, 2010

stuff, stuff, stuff

Why is it that I get so stressed out by STUFF?  

Why is it when I try to clean things up and de-clutter, I make more of a mess than if I would have let things alone?

 But I can't - can't let this STUFF sit there?

I look at it and it stresses me out, I clean it and it stresses me out, some days I want to start fresh and throw it all out (that is until I start going thru things and tell myself I need it for this reason or that).

It's amazing how stuff acumulates (does anyone know what happened to the blog spell check? - I can't spell this word!)

OK, so I was saying... It's amazing how things pile up, this here, that there...and it's clutter turned into a big messy pile of "I don't know what to do...let's buy some plastic storage bins, label it and hide it in the closet (or cabinet or under the bed)." - you know what I'm saying!

I don't know how it happens, it creeps up on me, and I still manage to donate items, give things away on freecycle and have garage sales and the stuff still doesn't go away.  Do you ever feel like me?

So this weekend I have begun purging and I'll give you an update later next week...

Yes, and some of this is due to me being inspired to participate in...


Vaughns said...

I think that is where "Spring Cleaning" came into play. I get this way every year at the same time. It's because it does, it builds all accumulates, and with everyone in the house the majority of the day, it's bound to happen.
Frustrating isn't it. Don't we all wish we could have that perfect organization system in place? Just to have the kids go and destroy.

Rachel said...

I know what you mean. We moved into our house 4 years ago, and it was much more bare than it is now. How does that happen in just 4 years? Crazy, I know. I'm feeling a bit like you are lately too. I told myself that I would do this 28 day challenge too and reorganize three smaller areas. But I haven't even started. It seems a bit daunting. Hopefully this week I'll get one of the areas done.