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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Connor's new pants (I made them!)

I am so excited! I sewed my first pair of pants! Connor has a problem fitting his pants because he's got cloth diaper bulk and it's hard to pull up and pull down his other pants (it wouldn't be a problem if he were wearing disposables).

Anyway, I am just so thrilled that I completed such a sewing project. Of course, I had a few bumps, I was so excited about sewing that I wasn't careful when I kept being interrupted and wasn't paying attention to the knee pads I sewed on - so the 2nd knee I put on I forgot to sew the 2nd circle around and sewed the pant legs together, so I had to rip the stitches out TWICE! First because I wasn't paying attention, and 2nd because I sewed them back up without sewing around the circle!!!

If you're interested in making a pair for yourself or your kiddo, here's a link where I got my inspiration:


Lela Paden said...

Great Job!!! I am sure this makes your life/job a lot easier.

Bill and Amanda said...

Super cute!