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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mike's Continued Training Schedule

Well, it turns out we'll only be seeing Mike on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday nights for the next 30 days, unless Mike's brother needs his help and he'll have to work like he did tonight and didn't get home until 7:45pm. As it is Mike works from 7 to 3:30, so he leaves the house before the kids wake up, and then when he gets home he only sees them for about an hour and a half before he goes off for his training.

Mike has his regular Fire Fighter Training on Thursday nights. Now he's got ETT (Emergency Trauma Training) Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. ETT is apparently the precursor to the EMT that goes with the ambulance, and Mike wants to pursue that as well.

Mike's status is a 'Brown Tag' which means he's Scene Support / Exterior and he's working towards his Fire Fighter 1 which will allow him to go inside buildings. His FF1 test is in January.

It's a bit of a challenge to sleep with the beeper - it's basically a scanner going off every hour or so and you hear the tones and then the dispatcher. I think I'll have to try to go to sleep before Mike comes to bed so it won't bother me once I'm out.