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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Successful Hunting Trip!

Mike returned today, and what a beautiful day it was! This morning when I ran to do errands at 10:30, I walked outside and was hit by the warm air. It was 68 degrees! And that was verified on three separate thermometers! And as I write this it's 61 degrees! What crazy weather we're having, yesterday it was raining so hard I thought we were going to drown!

OK, enough on the weather, at least it was a good day for flying. Mike, my dad and Mike's brother Timm were picked up today at 3:oopm and drove into the driveway around 4:00pm grinning ear to ear.

All in all there were sightings of 47 deer in the area they were hunting. They shot a total of 5: Mike 2, dad 2, Timm 1. Lots of meat!

One of Mike's was the largest buck he's shot, ever. (see picture of rack). It was fun, we went to my dad's to hang the meat in the shed (with halibut hooks no less). Michael Jr. was in there checking everything out and was grinning from ear to ear as well. Each time we took a picture of him he said 'Cheese, Meat.'

OK, enough writing, here's some pictures!


Phelps family said...

Looks successful indeed. Congrats. Enjoy your meat.
See you tomorrow. Yet again, Carly can hardly wait.