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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Haines & Whitehorse

Our Road Trip Begins...We head to Haines to visit with Mike's sister, Jami, and her husband, Dan.  We all had a good time and the boys had a blast playing around on the 'wheeler' on their property and playing with their dog, Sunny.  After Haines we headed to Whitehorse.  And, yes, for the record, the weather was fabulously DRY!!!!

One of our stops on the highway from Haines to Whitehorse (and there were many of them).
At Whitehorse we did a few things, one which was going to the Beringia and the Transportation Museums (but my batteries died just before the 2nd Museum).
And the kiddos all got a ton of outside playing time, of course, what else do you do when the weather's nice and dry?
Well, I guess, before it got warm enough to play outside, they were playing inside.

And then we had to head back to Haines.... 
With some stops along the way and beautiful scenery thru the bugs on the windsheild.

Back to Haines... We went and viewed the Bears there out the road past the Ferry Terminal, it was amazing, but the shots barely turned out, it was too dark...

And the only picture of Mike and I together without kids; how gorgeous is the view behind us?

Now, back onto the Ferry for another adventure...much easier this time that we rented a room with 4 bunks and a sitting room, well worth the $.  So much less stressful being able to let the kids and us relax.


Then we were able to take each of the boys out on a walk around the boat to take pictures 
(and we let the boys take their own pictures as well...)


Now for Connor's Photos...

And Michael Jr's Photos - our budding photographer!


Rachel said...

Looks like a great trip. I hope we can make a similar trip next summer. Great job getting so many pictures. And how fun to see what the boys decided to take pictures of.

Vaughns said...

Family vacations are so fun. Sometimes stressful, but overall a great memory maker.(well, I know for me it is)